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Ancient Organic Medicine: Discover The Top 12 Ancient Herbal Plants That Have Been Used For Ages To Fight And Heal Illness Naturally (Organic Antibiotics ... herbal medicine, herbal remedies, herbs,)

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Discover The Top 12 Ancient Herbal Plants That Have Been Used For Ages To Fight And Heal Illness Naturally

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There is endless wisdom in the medicinal practices of ancient civilizations. People who didn't have the opportunity to rely on modern technology were not capable of the same chances at longevity and health that we are in modern times. However, it is important to remember that the drugs we are using now are still in their infancy, and may come with more problems than solutions in some cases.

Because of this, it is always helpful to remember what our ancient forefathers were able to discover about the natural world of medicine. Before humanity
was able to rely on technological advances, we had to rely on more natural solutions to our body's natural problems, and these generally came by way of plants.

The medicinal practices of ancient Chinese and ancient Indian peoples are still widely used and respected today. They have the longest standing records of medical plants and their uses and properties, and have been looked to for thousands of years to treat and cure medical ailments of all kinds. This wisdom is becoming more and more important as we are able to recognize more and more the body as a machine whose natural state is balance, and when this balance is off, that's where the problems begin to arise.

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The best changes we can make in our health begin with our diet, and that's what the ancient Indian healing practice of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have been telling us all along. If we are able to eat the right foods and use them in the proper ways, we will be able to keep our bodies in a perpetual state of balance, thus warding off any illness and curing those that are already becoming present in our bodies.

  • Table Of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Why I Wrote This Book

  • What You Should Know Before Reading This Book

  • Plant #1: Turmeric

  • Plant#2: Aloe Vera

  • Plant #3: Curry Tree

  • Plant #4: Peppermint

  • Plant #5: Ginger

  • Plant # 6: Cinnamon

  • Plant #7: Garlic

  • Plant #8: Cumin

  • Plant #9: Alfalfa

  • Plant #10: Cardamom

  • Plant #11: Clove

  • Plant #12: Liquorice

  • Conclusion

Natural medicine may be scoffed at by people who think that science and technology will always have the answers in the latest gadgets and trial drugs, but the truth is that there is something better than curing problems by wiping out every bit of bacteria in the body, good and bad – and that is learning to work with your body and your environment to maintain balance and health for an overall sense of well-being. Who needs the latest technological progress in medicine when you know how to eat right and keep yourself from getting sick? That's what this book is all about.

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