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Flowers are always beautiful for human eyes. It cherishes our mind with its prettiness, smell and appearances and thus brings happiness. Mostly girls like flowers to wear in their hairs to make them look beautiful. In Indian culture, flowers are used as main attraction during the occasion of wedding, , at the time of puja, to recite to god and goddess. Also flower buckeyes are used for wishing the friends, lovers or family friends. Flowers are also used as decorative substance in houses, temples, churches etc.
So Flowers are inevitable in many occasions in our lives. Some of the flowers of shrubs are very much used as medicines. For e.g. lavender, cinnamon, holy basil, white madar flower, guava flower, Ixora, hibiscus, leucas, Madagascar periwinkle, Biophytum Sensitivum etc.
The selection of flower seeds, seeding, maintaining water for the flower plants and applying proper quantity of organic fertilizers and fungicides needs more precision and carefulness. After buying the seeds from us, please follow the directions of usage given in the seeds pack for better seeding benefits.
We have a great collection of flower seeds which are organically collected, processed and stored for your usage. For the variety of colours of flowers in a single plant, we have hybrid flower seeds in our collection. For the seeding purpose, you can use our germination kits for easy seeding without worrying about any weather conditions, pest and flees. For the healthy growing of plants or seeding, we have organic fertilizers. If you don’t have land to plant, you can buy and use organic soil, coco peat cakes/bricks to support seed germination easily from our store.

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Lotus is the queen among other flowers; we have 3 types of lotus seeds such as sapphire, Apollo Bowel and red bowel. The flower in girl’s hair looks beautiful and colourful. Rose is one of the favourite flowers wearing in hat can be used to wear flowers on girl’s hair and it produces nice fragrant. It comes from the flower family rosaceae. Not only for wearing, this flower has plenty of other uses such as it is one of the main contents in perfumes, soaps etc. Flowers has also got herbal properties such as its petal is used for making herbal tea which helps to reduce breast pain, to soothe restless foetus, to reduce the intensity of cold and flu by its Vitamin C content. In Ayurvedic, we use rose flower water externally as mouth wash, good ailment for skin related diseases, face cleansing, menstrual regulator, kidney and blood tonic and to wash surgical invasions. For the medicinal purpose, we use rose’s Flowers, petals, rosehips, root, bark and essential oil etc.

Our flower seed bank contains 2,000 Seeds & Wildflower Mixture "Dryland" (20 Species) Seeds, 100+ Rare Rainbow Rose Flower Seeds Your Lover Multi-color Plants Home Garden, 100 Seeds, Sunflower "Tall Teddy" (Helianthus anus), Rose flower seeds in different colours such as purple, pale rose, Zinnia Elegans Lilliput – Mix, SD1500-0559 Potted Sweet Pea Flower Seeds, Red Pink Color Petals Seeds & Non-Genetically Modified Seeds (3 Seeds), etc.