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Germination kits

Germination is the process of growing plants from seeds. now days, there is an unavailability of good pH and nitrogen contained soil to grow plants. If we use seeds starting kits or germination kits, we can save time by producing small plants from seeds for transplantation to grow bags or containers or large fields where we going to plant. Main advantage of using these methods are we obtain large volume of small plants at one time, healthy production of plants and protection from pests and flees while germination, save large amount of money without spending a penny for buying plants for transplantation etc.

We have plenty of germination kits and stations in our store. You can select these kits as per your requirements namely how many number of small plants you opt to produce, what are the facilities it offer, how much you can spend etc. How to use these kits? please visit our help guide at Organic Seeding in simple steps

Sorry, we currently have no available products here.

We recommend you that to follow the instructions provided by each manufacturer of these kits which contains manuals or directions of usage that helps to provide better results while you do germination after buy.
We have plenty of germination products that includes 9GreenBox - Seeds Starter Germination Station Complete Kit w/ Dome & 72 Cell Tray and Growing Tray, National Garden Wholesale Super Sprouter Propagation Station with 7-Inch Dome, Apollo Horticulture AH GMK-1 Germination Seedling Seed Starter Kit with Humidity Dome and Heat Mat (Black and Clear) etc. Our germination kit store also contains the accessory products which help to reuse the germination kits effectively. They are "Essentials" Soil Blocking Kit with Mini 4, Micro 20, Cubic Inserts, 1" Seed Dibbles, Grow Tweezers, 200 Count- Jiffy 7 Peat Soil 42mm Pellets Seeds Starting Plugs: Indoor Seed Starter- Start Planting Indoors for Transplanting to Garden or Planter Pot, seed starting mixes, organic plant starter trays with holes, Organics Rx Veggie Garden Food (15-Ounce) etc. Read and compare the details carefully to find out your desired products by clicking view button of each product and hit add to cart for the purchase. We wish you a happy , healthy purchase and visit us again.