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Grow bags

Our grow bags are bio degradable. It means they are manufactured organically and is UV stabilized and non harmful to the nature. After the usage, you will be able to degrade the same. The size of these bags ranges from 12 inch tall to 35 inch tall (i.e.) it can occupy the volume of 1 gallon to 30 gallons at a time. These grow bags are self contained with  drained holes so that excess water will be flown out quickly and your plant roots easily penetrate  into the soil and absorb nutrients efficiently.


As per the size of your plant and duration of planting, you can select grow bags. One of the main advantage of planting in grow bag is that it reduces the cost of expense instead of spending huge amount of money for buying large pots. If you don’t have land to plant, you can always choose a grow bag for better planting in terraces to make small organic terraces, home gardens, parapets, or in the space available. Some of the featured products in our grow bags section that includes Botanicare 30 Gallon Camo Grow Bag / 12 Pack,10 Pack - 1 Gallon Fabric Grow Bags 7" Round X 6" Tall & 3 Gallon PVC Grow Bags (10 Pack), Silverline Potato Planting Bag 360 x 510mm and ViagrowTM 10 gallon Grow Bag, 25 pack etc

According to your usage you can choose the grow bags available in our store. We have grow bags for small plantation as well as large plantation.  It means that you will get a minimum of 10 to 25 pieces in a single order. So that you can plant as many as  plants you want  at a time, instead of using huge non-biodegradable plastic pots you can use our grow bags which is locomotive, with lesser price and assured quality. The price of grow bags starts from $0.75 to $ 64.99 which depends on the quantity and size.