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Herbal Plants are very essential in every home. In ancient years, before modern medicines were invented, our ancestor only depends on herbal plants to cure diseases. These herbal remedies are very useful and it doesn’t have any side effects in human bodies. So we recommend you to plant essential home remedies in the form of herbal plants. Most of the herb seeds given here provide you and family excellent immunity power.
We have all types of herb seeds individually as well as in packs in fewer prices with best quality. We will explain you how to plant herbal seeds and cultivate in simple steps in our blogs. If you will follow our methods of Herbal seeds planting, you will definitely get benefited. This will be less cost effective process than buying herbal plants.
We have a collection of herb seeds which includes Holy-basil Tulsi, Triple Curled Parsley Herb 500 Seeds, 12 varieties of herb seeds in a pack, Oregano Herb 500 Seeds - GARDEN FRESH PACK etc. Why are you waiting for? Select your favourite herb seeds and purchase today and grow a small herbal garden in your home.
Holy basil (Local name: Tulsi), is the divine plant which have many herbal Ayurveda properties. It has the capability to sustain relaxed mental state and thus it helps for spiritual growth. It is widely used for relieving stress, anxiety and depression.

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Holy basil or Tulsi increases stamina, digestion which allows the body to consume more oxygen effectively. So it promotes protein synthesis in the body. It is self contained Anti- Oxidant which helps to detoxify the body. It can improve digestion, boost the immune system and promote cardio vascular health. It prevents cancer and insecticides bites. Holy basil’s leaves fresh juice and paste is effective against insecticides bites. It improves memory and concentration. Mainly holy basil (Tulsi) is used to cure cold, coughs and sore throats, cramps and gas.

If you consume parsley regularly, it avoids the risk of rheumatic arthritis (a disease that causes inflammation on joints).Because parsley contains luteolin and vitamin C which act as best anti-inflammatory agent within the body. Parsley contains an organic compound named myristicin that inhibits tumour formation inside lungs and neutralizes carcinogens like benzopyrene in cigarette smoke that can pass through the body, consequently fighting against colon and prostate cancer.