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Herbal Plants

Herb Seeding is one of the toughest processes to get much healthier plants from the seeds. Here we have already done the seeding process, you will get grown organic herbal plants for the transplantation directly from our store. Herbal plants are absolutely necessary in our homes, because we can use these as home remedies for certain kind of diseases such as insecticide bites or stings, flues, coughs, normal fever, cuts and wounds, skin related diseases etc. If you use these herbal plants as per the proper directions, it won’t harm your body and without have any side effects; you can consume or use them as paste.

We would like to give awareness about uses of some herbal plants and directions of usage before you opt to buy them from our store. We have different type of aloe Vera plants in our store. Before going ahead, we must know what are the properties and medicinal values it contain to make it more powerful. This is mainly used in kidney stone, urinal infections, skin, gynec diseases and paediatric treatment. In Ayurvedic, aloe Vera is an effective medicine to cure tridoshas such as vatta, pitta and kapha doshas.


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We have plenty of herbal plants in our store which includes 9GreenBox - Pineapple Guava Feijoa - 4'' Pot, Hirt's Sweet Bay Laurel Herb Plant - Laurus nobilis - Indoors or Out,  Outside pride Comfrey Seed, Sea Buckthorn or Sea berry ('Hippophae Rhomboids') - 100 Medicinal Shrub Seeds ,  Aloe Vera Plant 2 Baby Plants 4-6 Inch Tall and Krishna Tulsi (Red Holy Basil)  etc.

Uses: Aloe Vera juice is used to cure urinary infections and kidney disorders. Its paste is used to cure skin diseases, swelling and to control dandruff. 

For the detailed information of herbal plants and usage, we suggest you to visit one of our blog and click the following link. A deep insight about Organic Herbal plants and medicinal purposes.