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Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are used for promoting plant health organically and to increase pH and nutrients level of the soil. It gives a path way for the living micro-organisms in the soil and act as a plant food. There are plenty of fertilizers are available in market.
Mainly there are two types of fertilizers are available. 1. Organic Fertilizers 2. Non-organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are manufactured from organic substances lavishly available in nature and the usage of these fertilizers do not cause any side effects on plants, humans or animals. The examples of organic substances are cow manure, degraded plants waste, natural composts, Neem cakes, coco peat etc.

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Non organic fertilizers are made up of chemical form of substances which have a lot of cones that affects human and living organisms. Even though, this non organic fertilizer brings increasing more yields in short span of period, it also absorbs all nutrients from the soil at a time. After one harvest, if you check the same soil, you will find that there is deficiency of micro nutrients in the soil. The usage of these non-organic fertilizers enormously affects the plants and produces poisoned foods or yields. If you consume such vegetables daily, you will be affected by unknown diseases including cancer. So we recommend using organic fertilizers for your soil and plant which helps to increase the quality of soil and sustain the same for long term.