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Organic Fruit Seeds

Seed saving is a general practice of collecting seeds from full mature parent plants during harvesting period, for the next season of seeding and planting process. Preservation of seeds has an important role in organic gardening. The seed saving process contains seeds removal from fleshy matured fruits, washing them, drying them below 95F and application of some organic pesticides. The intention of application of organic pesticides is to kill certain bacteria’s that exists as per the guidelines given by USDA standards and National organic program. For the large quantity of fruit seeds collection, we use mechanical wet seed processors. As a part of fruit seed collection, fruit is crushed into several small parts, seed and pulp collected, and then it is filled in the wet seed extractor which extracts the seeds. Then we follow the steps as per the organic standards explained as above. These seeds have more life time than non-organic seeds and are organic fruit seeds are preserved in air tight containers and well refrigerated.

We advise you to do seeding into organically prepared growing medium to sustain the original quality of seeds which brings you healthy plants for transplantation. If you have planned for organic seeding for the large area of planting, i.e. about 100 or more plants, we suggest you to buy our seeds. You can find seeding trays in our germination kits section that helps you to start growing your own small fruit plants, which is cheaper in cost cutting technique than buying a plant. For more details, click this link organic seeding.

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We offer 100% organic fruit seeds, certified by national organic program USDA (United states Agricultural Department). Some fruit seeds we offer here are from other countries and continents since some fruits can cultivated as per the weather & geographical condition of those countries only. But they were processed as per the organic seed production guidelines only.

We offer wide selection of organic fruit seeds which includes SD0531 Peach Seeds, Autumn Red Peach Fruit Seeds, Peach Tree Seed (10 Seeds), Sour sop (Annona muricata) 4 seeds Quantity Pack, Saavyseeds Organic High bush Blueberry Seeds - 105 Count, 100 KIWI FRUIT Kiwi Actinidia Vine Seeds, 20 Red Fuji Apple Tree Malus Domestica Fruit Tree Seeds etc. Apart from these, we have collection of seeds of strawberry in different colours, fig, Pomegranate, grapes of different species and colour, cherry, European plums, orange in different flavours, beach plum shrubs and apple in different varieties such as pond apple, Fuji apple, golden delicious apple etc.

Our products range from $0.01 to $61.95, and depend on the quantity, type and species etc. You can choose your desired fruits seeds as per your requirement and wishes and add to cart to purchase it.