Organic and hydroponic Garden Supply Store

Vegetable Seeds

Seed is the basic entity to produce plants. This provides life to other plant organisms. Vegetables are one of the most essential food for human lives to sustain the energy and health in the body. Most of the vegetables have medicinal properties to cure many harmful diseases.
GMO (Genetically mutated organism) Seeds:
GMO seeds are collected from parent plants those uses chemical pesticides and non organic fertilizers. Then they are mutated with other species of same plants scientifically in biotechnology labs . This produces new plant seeds or plants for commercial purposes . These seeds are categorized as GMO Seeds. One of the major disadvantages of GMO seed is self contained chemical before you will go to seeding itself.
Non –GMO Seeds or organic Seeds:
Non –GMO Seeds or organic Seeds are produced from an existing organic plant which uses only organic pesticides and fertilizers. So genetically we will get the advantage of original characteristics of the plant without any chemical fusion, the good immune plants. All of these seeds can germinate easily and there is no wastage of seeds. The quality of these seeds are 100% assured, especially Non-GMO seeds are certified.

We have a good collection of potted flower plants with good quality and in low prices in our store. Some of the important and rare flower plants in our store are Fresh Flowers - Purple Dendrobium Orchids with Vase, 9GreenBox - Good Hope Clivia - 4" Pot and Jasmine Sambac "Grand Duke Supreme" Large Flowers Plant etc. These flowers have a good market price in local as well as international market. So purchase it and start a small flower garden today and start to earn if you really willing to do gardening.

Now you may think that after buying these plants, how can we maintain the same quality of blossoms at the time of our purchase? Our answer is you can. Because we have all the needful fertilizers including soil, large pots, grow bags, organic pesticides tactically it won’t have any side effects for plants as well as humans. We encourage you to use organic methods to maintain these plants to growth or improve their growth when you plant directly in the soil in your garden. If you don’t have much plant nutrients in the soil, use potted mixture and organic fertilizers to sustain the quality of the soil for the long term.