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Organic Pesticides

Pesticide is the substance used for destroying insects or worms that are harmful to the plants and the over usage of these pesticides is one the serious concern that is faced by the humanity. At one side it is almost impracticable to do cultivation without pesticides and on the other side its usage is impacting the consumer’s health.
The chemicals like borates, silicates, sulfur etc. are the most commonly chemical used as pesticides. Some pesticides also include high toxic compounds such as arsenic, copper, lead and tin salts. These chemicals help the plant to fight against the diseases such as Blights, Cankers, Rots, Rusts, fungus infection, bacterial infection etc.

Our organic pesticides section contains various organically maded pesticides which are extracted from neem substances such as neem's fruits, leaves and cakes as Dyna-Gro Pure Neem Oil, Garden Essentials 16 oz Neem Oil and Garden Safe Neem Oil, 16-Ounce. We have organic pesticides specialy made for bonsai trees and plants. They are Bonsaiboy Liquid Copper Fungicide 16 oz. concentrate and so on. Please follow the directions of usage given in each products for the quantity needs blend with water or without water before spraying on affected part of plants or trees. Except from these pesticides, we have plenty of other organic products which are manufatured from Garlic,orange peals, lavender, Pyrethrin flower etc. Each pesticides have different applications. Some of them are good to kill insecticides and fungicides which affects vegetables, small plants where as others are useful to overcome the fleas in trees, fruit trees, lawns etc.

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The usage of these inorganic chemicals has the advantage of giving immediate results but is a big threat to humanity. The vegetables/fruits, if not washed properly before use can result in the intake of these toxic Ines and further can lead to major diseases such as Cancer in long term.

In order to avoid such situations, we need to reduce the usage of non organic pesticides and increase the usage of organic pesticides that is not harmful to the nature. If you use these organic pesticides it not only kills the insects, it also reduces the spreading of plant disease. As a result, the plant starts to produce more vegetables or crops and gains more immunity power to protect themselves from insecticides, fungicides and nematacides i.e. the research of applying our organic pesticides on plants proves fewer on the rate of recurrence of those diseases.