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Organic Soil

Organic soil is the mixture of organic compounds such as coco peat, cow manure, vermicompost, sand and other macro nutrients.

We supply organic pot mixture for your garden which helps you to add with a portion of your soil in the pots before planting. Even if you don’t have the soil, you can directly use this soil into the pots for both vegetable and flower plantations. When you use this soil, there is no need of adding more fertilizers into the soil because it contains necessary macro nutrients for the plants.

For producing your own organic soil, we have all necessary supplements available in this section. How to create custom organic soil? Please visit the following link to know the steps:   How to make organic Soil for the organic vegetable cultivation.

We have given you detailed step by step process to create your own organic soil for large garden plantations in the previous link. You will get a clear picture when you read it. Instead of doing on your own, we have organic soil products such as Monterey Dr. Iron 21 lb. Bag, Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for Flowers and Vegetables, 1-Cubic Foot and Organic Mechanics Container Blend Potting Soil 2 cu ft Garden Plant Mediaetc. These products are produced from 100% natural organic substances which help you to provide much better crops on harvesting. 

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Monterey Dr.Iron corrects Iron Deficiency which causes yellowing of lawns and plants use on lawns, flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetables, Reduced Soil pH, Covers 2,000 Sq. Ft and its gross weight is 21 lbs. Organic Mechanics container blend potting soil is an OMRI Listed, peat fee which contains a blend of premium ingredients designed to grow lush plants in container gardens. Use it for potting up vegetables, tropical’s, annuals, perennials or woody plants. It's great for container sizes between 1 and 100 gallons. Formulated to hold moisture, yet have excellent drainage, growers will notice having to water less as compared to peat-based mixes. Major ingredients in this potting soil are compost, coir, composted pine bark, rice hulls and work castings.

Other than these products, we have additional featured products in this section. They are Black Gold 1302040 16-Quart All Organic Potting Soil, Kempf Compressed Coco Fiber Growing Potting Mix 11-Pound Block, Medium, NEW! SAMPLER SET of SOILS with ORGANIC COMPOST: Three 8-Qt Bags-Premium Potting Soil & All Purpose soil and Fox Farm FX14053 12-Quart Ocean Forest Organic Potting Soil etc.

Prices of organic soils including potted mix and organic subsidiaries range from $5.29 to $51.90 with great discounts. Grab these fabulous offers today and go organic for poison less food.