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Plant nutrients

Normally these plants need carbon and oxygen for growth. They are supplied to the plant through water and air. Most of the water plants need these along with macro nutrients such as calcium nitrate, potassium sulphate, potassium nitrate, and mono potassium phosphate, and magnesium sulphate, phosphorus. Phosphorus is used in photosynthesis and growth of the plant elegantly. Magnesium and nitrogen have the important role of catalysts in formation of chlorophyll.

All these macro nutrients collected from organic substances and made as per the standards and specific ratios, we make plant nutrients in liquid form or in powdered form. In hydroponics, we need to supply the plant with plant nutrients in particular volume into the water tank placed inside hydroponics systems. Twice in a week we need to change the water and add 10 ml of these nutrients or as per the directions given by the manufacturer of plant nutrients. These hydroponically cultivated plants absorbs sufficient amount of macro nutrients from the water and thus it helps faster growth of plant. Plant nutrients not only provide sufficient macro nutrients but it also gives the immunity for the plants against diseases.

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We have plenty of organic plant nutrients those are extracted from different plants and trees. These are not harmful for humans as well as animal because it doesn’t contain any chemicals. These products are very specific for hydroponics methods and systems. Some of the featured plant nutrients in our store are General Hydroponics - Flora micro Gallon, Advanced Nutrients Grow pH Perfect Fertilizer, Lettuce Greens and Herbs Hydroponic Nutrients - Complete Nutrition and Hydroponic pH Up and Down Control Kit - 2 pints (16oz each) etc. Quantity and usage directions given in each product wrappers. We recommend you to follow those directions for better results in your hydroponics gardening.

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