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Plant Pots

If you want to make an attractive and long lasting garden of either bonsai trees or flowers, we recommend you to buy the plant pots. The different types of pots available in our store which varies in size, colour and quality of material used to manufacture. Every pot contains sufficient drained holes in order to remove the excess water. Once you fill in the pot with needed amount of soil and proper amount of organic mixture (pot) or soil nutrients into the pot, you can transplant any plants into the pot, and please place the pot in sunlight.

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We provide you with the best quality of plants pots. We have Dynamic Design Hi Gloss Poly Planter with Attached Saucer, Fiskars Ariana Planter with Self Watering Grid, Dark Chocolate and Apollo Plastics E008-CABERNET 8-Inch Self Watering Planter. One of the major advantages of these pots is self watering. It means that it have the capability to storing water and is able to use the stored water to water the plants instantly. This is done by a special technique, wherein a unique self contained wick system draws the moisture from the reservoir up into the soil, allowing the plant to feed at its own rate. So the you don’t have to spend much time in your gardener or hire a gardener for that sake, and you are able concentrate on other works without worrying about watering the plants.