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Pregnant Onion House Plant Ornithogalum Caudatum Rare Exotic False Sea Bulb 4"

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Cactus and succulents are pretty and very easy to grow, just sun and water ones a week, hard to kill plants, The plant for sale is similar to the one on picture and will be shipped BARE ROOTS, title say 2" 4" or 6" pot for reference of the size of the plant, the pot or soil are not included, all our plants are FREE shipping and shipped bare roots (no pot or soil are included) because we consider is safe and cheap, if you want a plant with pot and soil will cost extra $12.00, free shipping is for items weight less than 13 oz and any plant shipped with pot and soil will past the USPS limit

Product Features

Interesting Facts About the Ornithogalum Caudatum The ornithogalum caudatum is also called 'false sea onion' due to the fact that it looks a little like a curled up spring onion. The juice gained from this plant is used in traditional medicine just like Aloe Vera. This beautiful healthy plant easy to keep but disficult to find, Don't miss this one ,The showing pot is 4", you are buying a similar plant on the picture same shape color and size or bigger, . The plant will shipping bare root, We have a lot of extremely rare cactus if you want something rare let me know and I will listing for you. Questions? feel free to email me. NOTE: This is a very nice choice for a succulents gardens, It will provide some shade for small plants, this is a must to have for a perfect cactus landscape. VERY IMPORTANT: please be advised that maybe the plant will loose some leaf or even all before you receive it or after plant it, is totally normal and will get new leaf as soon as it adapt to the new environment. How to repot the plants safety after arrival. If you are an expert or have your own tecnique with good result, use it, this is what I do with good results in Cactus and Succulents. 1) Put the plant in a pot with fresh soil in a shade and not too hot area. 2) Water: for CACTUS only, Do not water the Cactus for at least one week, better two week after repoting, Why?... remember, old roots was removed and the plant need time to seal the wound on the roots to avoid damage or infection, fail to this and water early may cause irreversible damage to the cactus plant or loose it, the roots will start to grow even before you water the plant so be patience. 2A) Water: for pereskias and most succulents with leaves is better to water the plant after plant it 3) After the first 2 weeks or a month the plant will be ready to receive the same care of your other plants. 4) Very important, the light, is a good idea to aclimate the new arrivals litter by litter to the light intencity of your greenhouse, remember if you go to the beach the lifesaver and fisherman can walk all day in the sun with no problem, if you try to do that without sun protection your skin will burn, its the same for the plants, if my greenhouse have less light than yours and you place the plant in highter light level without aclimate the plant may result in burns and most of the burns in plants will stay forever. 5) Be patience, remember, you buy this plant for enjoy it for many years and the most critical time is the first weeks with you. The ornithogalum caudatum grows similar to a normal spring onion and grows through the soil. However, unlike the onion that we use in the kitchen, this type blooms and has white little flowers along the stem. The great thing about the ornithogalum caudatum is that it is just as easy to plant as normal onions. You can plant it in your garden, but it grows equally well in pots kept indoors. The preferred temperatures are low and the flowers bloom almost all year round. Over time, the bulbs (roots) form new onions which you can cut away, use in a different location or leave as they are. The ornithogalum caudatum is native in South Africa and has been used just like we would use fresh Aloe Vera, meaning that it can be squeezed and rubbed on sun burns or other types of burns to speed up the healing process. It is also known to be effective after being bitten by an insect and for some types of rash. In older times, it was also used as a vegetable both raw and cooked.

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