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Raised Beds

The Greenhouse gardening is the next level of gardening method. A greenhouse helps to maintain a consistent temperature and further helps in creating the best suitable environment for plants to grow. This also protects the plant from sudden change in the climate, thus resulting in a no season gardening.


A Greenhouse for a household is very easy to make and is very budget friendly. Raised Bed is the simplest form of green house gardening. It is a ready-made wooden box for gardening that constitutes of a much better planting experience. After buying these raised beds, you need to fill in with the soil and needed organic mixture. If you don't have soil, don't worry,you can buy those from here.for that, click on this link:organic soil and for organic mixtures and fertlisers, click this: organic fertilizers Once you’re done, place it in sunlight and the available space either in your garden or in your farming house which facilitates artificial lights. There are two types of raised beds available in our store. one is with UV coated cover which protects the plants from the heavy sunlight, fleas and heavy wind. another type which has no cover. These are useful for the cultivation of potatoes, water melons, pumpkins, fruit plants, tomatoes and vegetable plants, flower plants and leafy vegetables which do not need any protection and these are opt for placing inside your green house or in your in-house plantations or in your garden itself. If you need you can buy the top covers for the raised bed from our store separately. Top covers for the raised beds will coming soon!

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In our stores, we bring you a collection of vegetable plants with sufficient growth for the apt transplantation into the new growing medium such as grow bags, large pots or directly into farming field as per your availability of growing medium. We only use certified organic seeds for the seeding process and use organic methods to sustain the original value of parent plants in these new plants.

From these plants, we assure long life and healthy organic vegetable plantation, only if you follow organic methods for further growing process. There are many varieties of vegetable plants like leafy vegetables, flower vegetables like broccoli and caulis flower, fruit vegetables like tomato.

If you purchase these plants from our stores, we will deliver these ordered plants at your doorsteps and you can start the plantation within a day. Please wait for more organic vegetable plants, we will add them shortly. Now we have three packs of rare species of Packman Broccoli Plants in our store. Grab this rare plant and add it to your vegetable garden today.