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Tree Plants

Tree plants have longer life cycle than other plants. These plants provide us more oxygen by consuming carbon dioxide from the air.  Among all the tree plants, some plants give us fruits, barks and useful leaves. After long years of plantation, we can use these tree plants as good furniture’s, fuel for our houses as well. Some trees are planted to give us good shadows and it stores water in the ground level and we get good rain and it avoids soil erosion. So we can say that trees give us a lot of benefits naturally.

In this modern world, in order to build new buildings, humans are trying to demolish good forests or cutting most of the trees for their material satisfactions. So we need to plant at least 10 trees per year in our lands to retain nature’s balanced state.

We provide tree plants with 1 to 2 year maturity that they can produce their yields. So when you buy a tree plant from us, you will need to transplant them into the proper growing medium or earth to get enough places to grow their roots widely. After transplantation, you should maintain the plants health by providing it with proper fertilizer in adequate intervals to grow, watering and applying pesticides when the plant needs to get rid of pests and diseases.

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In our organic tree plant collections, we have grown coffee plants such as Kona Coffee Plants - 2 pots full grow your own!! [TE080-2] Great container plant, Hirt's Arabica Coffee Bean Plant - 3.5" pot - Grow & Brew Your Own Coffee Beans, Jmbamboo-arabica Coffee Plant 8''tall inches - 4" Pot and good varieties of banana plants such as Dwarf / Patio Banana Plant, one gallon Dwarf Banana Musa "Dwarf Cavendish" Best House Plant and rarely available tree plant like Nearly Natural 5209 Ficus Silk Tree & 6-Feet & Green, Hirt's 'Meyer' Lemon Tree - Potted - Fruiting Size – Citrus etc. Coffee plant is ever yielding plant which means you can harvest throughout the year.

Please follow the manual for the directions of transplantation given by supplier of these plants to getting better growth of these plants after transplantation. These tree plants are cultivated 100% organically and quality is assured. So you can buy these without any hesitation or fear. Ordered items will be delivered in your door step within the specified time duration as per the location of delivery.